Uncovering The Social Escorts Industry In Singapore

Unfortunately in the social escort industry, most people mistaken escorts as sex workers. The truth is, they are not. Today, we uncover the truth behind the industry.

Over the recent years around the world and in Singapore as well, dodgy agencies have popped up and masqueraded prostitution under social escort services, and has tainted the industry as a dodgy one.

A lot of common people in Singapore think that escorts are prostitutes or foreigners and that their clients are dirty, old men. The truth cannot be further from that. Today, we have with us SGVIP Escorts, a local social escort agency who debunks that myth.

(According to founder and manager of SGVIP Escorts, Richard – who has also recently been featured on Yahoo! News, we have been informed that escorts do not provide sexual services. Legal escort agencies like SGVIP Escorts strictly do not facilitate or arrange for sexual arrangements of any kind.)

So who are the girls who work as escorts?

Escorts are highly educated local Singaporean ladies who are not only beautiful models but hold at least a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree or higher. They are usually required to be very eloquent as well.

Almost all social escorts in Singapore are actually not who you may think they are. A lot of people have this impression that they are DJs, party animals e.t.c. However, most social escorts in Singapore either work pretty normal day jobs or are university undergraduates. In fact, many of them have a girl next door feeling, with some being professional models. Of course, there are variations in types of girls when it comes to a top Singapore social escort agency like SGVIP Escorts, as some clients prefer a girl next door while others prefer a pretty office lady as a romantic companion/pretend girlfriend.

So who are the men who engage social escorts?

The men that engage social escort agencies are also not your dirty old men in Singapore. (It depends on agencies, but for SGVIP Escorts, most of his clients are businessmen. I think he prices it high enough so that those other creeps won’t be able to engage their services.) They are actually highly successful, confident and wealthy business executives who may be wanting a female companion temporarily.

This is actually quite common among top business executives around the world, and especially in a country like Singapore. To get to the top of the business world in Singapore, you need to work a lot, and hence most of these highly successful men may not necessarily had time to date when they were in their 20s. Now that they are mostly in their 30s or 40s, they are wealthy enough and want to enjoy life and enjoy the company of a beautiful female model.

Besides, which man doesn’t like a pretty woman? Everyone loves a pretty woman – but only the rich ones can pay for their company!

What You Need To Know Before Joining A Social Escort Agency

Here are some key considerations and things you should think about before joining any social escort agency in Singapore or taking on an escort job.

Because Singapore is a popular hotspot for rich tourists and rich foreign investors, demand for social escorts is definitely on the rise. Add on to the fact that many local and successful men also need to attend a lot of dinners and events, that means that lots of local rich men will also want to hire social escorts for private dates.

This means that regardless of the agency you join, there will likely be a mix of locals and foreigners. Here are some pros and cons about joining an agency:

  • First of all, any social escort agency that sells clients sex is a prostitution house and it’s strictly illegal in Singapore. Therefore, if the agency managers ask you to do it, run away. Such an agency is always illegal, because social escort agencies in Singapore are only allowed to sell your time in exchange for companionship. If the agency has the clause in their contract agreement with you that sexual services are NOT part of the deal, then read on.
  • Second of all, make sure that the agency is a registered one. If they are a non-registered business, the boss can deny any payouts to you for work you have done, and there is nothing you can do about it, even if you manage to get the boss into trouble. However, if they are a registered Pte Ltd in Singapore, it’s very safe for you to work for them as there is strict accountability they have to provide.
  • Third of all, there is very strong privacy protections for you if you were to join an agency versus venturing out on your own. This is because no clients can contact you directly, and they will have to go through your layer of protection – known as your agency manager. This way, you can easily still lead your normal life.

Review Of Social Escort Companies In Singapore

There are definitely more than a few social escort agencies in Singapore, but most are illegitimate (unregistered scams) and many provide terrible looking girls. Therefore, I have decided to help all of you out and review only the best companies in Singapore.


SG VIP Escorts, one of the premier and rising social escort agencies in Singapore, is a local agency which specializes in providing clients with escort models who are not only attractive but are highly eloquent and are able to engage in business speak, so that your status will be greatly elevated when you have their girls hanging onto your arms at business events.

2. sg call girls
SG Call Girls, is definitely one of the top Singapore agencies as well. I personally think that the girls displayed on their website look pretty decent and think that it’s also one of the better escort agencies in Singapore, definitely up there.

There are definitely other companies, but personally after looking through the various agencies’ websites and offerings, I personally think that both SG VIP Escorts and call girls definitely offer some of the best services in Singapore.

Therefore, if you want to get a social escort, and go on a date, make sure to get one of their girls.

How To Find A Social Escort In Singapore?

If you want to know how to look quickly for a social escort in Singapore within the next 5 minutes, then you must read this post.

Hint: Escorts are different from prostitutes and not found in red light districts like Geylang!

First of all, social escorts are different from prostitutes. Many people make the assumption that they are the same but they are really different. Social escorts are meant to follow you to private dates or act as your partner at gala events or business conventions. There has been known cases where social escorts will have sexual relations with their customers, but this is not part of their service. Just like how you would not expect a girl you found through a matchmaking agency to have sex with you, you should not expect a social escort to do that as well. However, prostitutes sell sex. This means that such services are never found offline, and certainly not at Geylang or other such red light districts in Singapore.

Your good old friend – Google is your best friend

Second of all, since you can’t find them offline, where can you find their services? Easy. Google for them! Google has all the answers, and a quick search for social escorts in Singapore on Google will easily bring up many answers and agencies. These websites also usually show photographs of their escorts, and you can then have your choice simply by browsing around.

Steer clear of foreigners and independent escort models for legal reasons – especially foreigners

Of course, you must always check first that they are a legitimate agency. I don’t recommend messing around with individuals, because many of them may actually be foreigners without a valid working permit in Singapore – meaning that if you pay them for such social escort services, technically, both of you are legally at fault. Additionally, if you manage to ‘get lucky’ after the services, yet if the girl is underaged, you are pretty much screwed. Don’t get into unnecessary problems. Get rid of these potential problems by simply going through a vetted and legitimate agency instead. Simply verify that they are a real agency by asking or looking on their website for their company’s UEN (Unique Entity Number), and verify it against ACRA’s Bizfile to ensure that it’s a legitimate business in Singapore. From then on, you can use them. I personally recommend SG VIP Escorts, as they’re one of the few actually registered and legal businesses in Singapore.

Singapore women are so beautiful

In my first post, I talked about the things that women in Singapore of different ages look for.

In this post, I shall talk about why despite the materialistic nature of many women in Singapore, I simply can’t keep my eyes off them.

Firstly, I have a soft spot for Asian and Chinese women in particular. They have a much more demure and feminine feel to them, and this is particularly true when it comes to Singaporean Chinese women. This is why I can’t resist but engage the social escort services provided by agencies in Singapore whenever I’m in town (as I travel between Singapore and Indonesia a lot).

Secondly, they’re actually pretty simple. Singaporean women, though mostly materialistic, are simple women. They don’t do stuff like backstabbing and dodgy stuff unlike most American women (at least that’s my impression from their shows). Singapore girls may demand a lot from a man, but at least they’re simple and straightforward and few of them play mental dating games (gosh I hate them so much).

Third of all, they all look younger than they are. In fact, almost all Singaporean women below the age of 40 still look like they’re around 35. It’s ridiculous how young Singaporean women look like. I guess it’s part of the Chinese or Asian genetics.

Fourth of all, I like fair skinned women. Women in SG are relatively fair skinned, which I love, despite the sunny weather. I believe this is because fair skin is considered beautiful to most local Chinese women, so they do take care and ensure that they stay relatively fair skinned.

Finally, I think that most SG women are relatively skinny, which is awesome because I like women who are in shape and are not overweight.

Of course, that’s why I love both dating and engaging social escort services of local Singaporean women whenever I’m in Singapore.

All About Dating And Girls In Singapore

Dating in Singapore is a pretty interesting experience, especially if you’re an expatriate and not local. This is because there are two very extreme kinds of girls in Singapore – one is the very open / sociable with strangers, and the other type is the extremely cautious to any guy at all approaching her.

Clearly, there are way more of the second type of girl than there are the first type in Singapore.

Additionally, girls of different ages in Singapore look at different things – most of which are superficial or materialistic if you want the gorgeous looking girls (because frankly, they can find any ‘average’ man everyday).

Between the 16 to 21 years of age, women in Singapore tend to look for popular guys or handsome/buff men. If you’re searching for a date with a Singapore girl between ages 16 to 21, and you’re not popular, just start working out and you’ll get girls easily. (Also, dress well).

Next, between the ages of 21 to 25, this is the prime time and also favorite time for women in Singapore to start looking for a suitable marriage couple (note: to date them, not to marry them yet as most Singaporeans marry around ages 26 to 30). Therefore, Singaporean girls of this age are generally more materialistic, and want to ensure that the men they’re dating are capable of bringing home the bacon and can potentially make them a ‘tai tai’ (Singapore slang for a woman married to a rich man and therefore doesn’t need to work).

Between the ages of 26 to 30, most single women are either high achievers (and may thus intimidate most men who are not super successful) and/or are super unattractive and can’t find any man.

Since most men of most ages are interested in women between the ages of 19 to 25, girls of this age are the hardest to ‘catch’, unless you’re rich. However, not all men want a long term relationship, and that’s ok, that’s their choice and we must respect that. These rich and successful men therefore very often turn to social escorts for dates with no strings attached once in a while. They also turn to Singaporean social escorts if they want to entertain their high net worth business clientele. (Yes, legal social escort agencies in Singapore are easily found online).

So there you go, here is a quick overview of dating in Singapore.