How To Find A Social Escort In Singapore?

If you want to know how to look quickly for a social escort in Singapore within the next 5 minutes, then you must read this post.

Hint: Escorts are different from prostitutes and not found in red light districts like Geylang!

First of all, social escorts are different from prostitutes. Many people make the assumption that they are the same but they are really different. Social escorts are meant to follow you to private dates or act as your partner at gala events or business conventions. There has been known cases where social escorts will have sexual relations with their customers, but this is not part of their service. Just like how you would not expect a girl you found through a matchmaking agency to have sex with you, you should not expect a social escort to do that as well. However, prostitutes sell sex. This means that such services are never found offline, and certainly not at Geylang or other such red light districts in Singapore.

Your good old friend – Google is your best friend

Second of all, since you can’t find them offline, where can you find their services? Easy. Google for them! Google has all the answers, and a quick search for social escorts in Singapore on Google will easily bring up many answers and agencies. These websites also usually show photographs of their escorts, and you can then have your choice simply by browsing around.

Steer clear of foreigners and independent escort models for legal reasons – especially foreigners

Of course, you must always check first that they are a legitimate agency. I don’t recommend messing around with individuals, because many of them may actually be foreigners without a valid working permit in Singapore – meaning that if you pay them for such social escort services, technically, both of you are legally at fault. Additionally, if you manage to ‘get lucky’ after the services, yet if the girl is underaged, you are pretty much screwed. Don’t get into unnecessary problems. Get rid of these potential problems by simply going through a vetted and legitimate agency instead. Simply verify that they are a real agency by asking or looking on their website for their company’s UEN (Unique Entity Number), and verify it against ACRA’s Bizfile to ensure that it’s a legitimate business in Singapore. From then on, you can use them. I personally recommend SG VIP Escorts, as they’re one of the few actually registered and legal businesses in Singapore.

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