Review Of Social Escort Companies In Singapore

There are definitely more than a few social escort agencies in Singapore, but most are illegitimate (unregistered scams) and many provide terrible looking girls. Therefore, I have decided to help all of you out and review only the best companies in Singapore.


SG VIP Escorts, one of the premier and rising social escort agencies in Singapore, is a local agency which specializes in providing clients with escort models who are not only attractive but are highly eloquent and are able to engage in business speak, so that your status will be greatly elevated when you have their girls hanging onto your arms at business events.

2. sg call girls
SG Call Girls, is definitely one of the top Singapore agencies as well. I personally think that the girls displayed on their website look pretty decent and think that it’s also one of the better escort agencies in Singapore, definitely up there.

There are definitely other companies, but personally after looking through the various agencies’ websites and offerings, I personally think that both SG VIP Escorts and call girls definitely offer some of the best services in Singapore.

Therefore, if you want to get a social escort, and go on a date, make sure to get one of their girls.

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