What You Need To Know Before Joining A Social Escort Agency

Here are some key considerations and things you should think about before joining any social escort agency in Singapore or taking on an escort job.

Because Singapore is a popular hotspot for rich tourists and rich foreign investors, demand for social escorts is definitely on the rise. Add on to the fact that many local and successful men also need to attend a lot of dinners and events, that means that lots of local rich men will also want to hire social escorts for private dates.

This means that regardless of the agency you join, there will likely be a mix of locals and foreigners. Here are some pros and cons about joining an agency:

  • First of all, any social escort agency that sells clients sex is a prostitution house and it’s strictly illegal in Singapore. Therefore, if the agency managers ask you to do it, run away. Such an agency is always illegal, because social escort agencies in Singapore are only allowed to sell your time in exchange for companionship. If the agency has the clause in their contract agreement with you that sexual services are NOT part of the deal, then read on.
  • Second of all, make sure that the agency is a registered one. If they are a non-registered business, the boss can deny any payouts to you for work you have done, and there is nothing you can do about it, even if you manage to get the boss into trouble. However, if they are a registered Pte Ltd in Singapore, it’s very safe for you to work for them as there is strict accountability they have to provide.
  • Third of all, there is very strong privacy protections for you if you were to join an agency versus venturing out on your own. This is because no clients can contact you directly, and they will have to go through your layer of protection – known as your agency manager. This way, you can easily still lead your normal life.

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