Uncovering The Social Escorts Industry In Singapore

Unfortunately in the social escort industry, most people mistaken escorts as sex workers. The truth is, they are not. Today, we uncover the truth behind the industry.

Over the recent years around the world and in Singapore as well, dodgy agencies have popped up and masqueraded prostitution under social escort services, and has tainted the industry as a dodgy one.

A lot of common people in Singapore think that escorts are prostitutes or foreigners and that their clients are dirty, old men. The truth cannot be further from that. Today, we have with us SGVIP Escorts, a local social escort agency who debunks that myth.

(According to founder and manager of SGVIP Escorts, Richard – who has also recently been featured on Yahoo! News, we have been informed that escorts do not provide sexual services. Legal escort agencies like SGVIP Escorts strictly do not facilitate or arrange for sexual arrangements of any kind.)

So who are the girls who work as escorts?

Escorts are highly educated local Singaporean ladies who are not only beautiful models but hold at least a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree or higher. They are usually required to be very eloquent as well.

Almost all social escorts in Singapore are actually not who you may think they are. A lot of people have this impression that they are DJs, party animals e.t.c. However, most social escorts in Singapore either work pretty normal day jobs or are university undergraduates. In fact, many of them have a girl next door feeling, with some being professional models. Of course, there are variations in types of girls when it comes to a top Singapore social escort agency like SGVIP Escorts, as some clients prefer a girl next door while others prefer a pretty office lady as a romantic companion/pretend girlfriend.

So who are the men who engage social escorts?

The men that engage social escort agencies are also not your dirty old men in Singapore. (It depends on agencies, but for SGVIP Escorts, most of his clients are businessmen. I think he prices it high enough so that those other creeps won’t be able to engage their services.) They are actually highly successful, confident and wealthy business executives who may be wanting a female companion temporarily.

This is actually quite common among top business executives around the world, and especially in a country like Singapore. To get to the top of the business world in Singapore, you need to work a lot, and hence most of these highly successful men may not necessarily had time to date when they were in their 20s. Now that they are mostly in their 30s or 40s, they are wealthy enough and want to enjoy life and enjoy the company of a beautiful female model.

Besides, which man doesn’t like a pretty woman? Everyone loves a pretty woman – but only the rich ones can pay for their company!

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